No! it's not a CLASS. No It’s not a SCHOOL Either.


It’s more like a movement, an evolution born out of the need to create talent where it was previously thought not to exist. The Task Force is Awesomity’s effort to develop a solid and talented pool of software developers and product designers right here in the heart of Africa.

We’re not on this journey alone

Towards the end of 2019 we were in the midst of expanding the team and we were growing at a fast pace, that’s when we came to the realization that finding, interviewing, and onboarding a talented developer is honestly a pain.

Coincidentally COA was going through the same challenges. And that’s how we first thought of creating the Task Force Bootcamp. To us, it was the easiest way to source talent, upskill them in the Awesomity & COA way of building cool sh*t stuff.

The core idea behind running the Bootcamp is to create a large pool of talented developers that can easily integrate with our team whenever we are growing. The Bootcamp helps us instill our culture and standards in the next generation of developers who in the near future will join our team or COA’s.

Working with COA

COA is the perfect partner to work with on this initiative, we both share the same need for really talented individuals and our culture is so aligned that it just made sense to work together on this.

As Awesomity runs most of the technical upskilling during the bootcamp, COA comes in with the valuable soft skills component of the program. And this combination is what makes our graduates talented developers and not robots.


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