Awesomity Lab is a software development company based in Kigali Rwanda.
The name Awesomity comes from combining Awesome and Creativity,
the two words that stand pillar of all our work.

Feb 2015

First line of code

Our founders meet for the first time at Hehe. They are part of the code club, a 6 months program to train students in the secret art of mobile app development. By the end of the program, our founders get their first taste at creating mobile apps. They come up with a couple of android games for kids to make learning fun. The apps didn’t get much traction but they were enough to inspire the guys to keep learning and perfecting their skills.

June 2015

Why aren’t we rich yet?

After graduating from HeHe, we expected our products to kickoff and that we would become millionaires by the end of the year. Little did we know it takes more than a cool name and good looking product to be successful. So we scratched everything and went back to the drawing board, learned from our mistakes and decided to take it one step at a time.

Sep 2015

College library, more like free office

Starting a business without investment is tough, so we had to take advantage of all the free opportunities we could get. That’s where our college library came in handy, that’s where we set up our first office and starting mastering our craft during free periods and weekends.

Jan 2016

Took falure fialre failure as breakfast

Ed Sheeran once said he only makes hits now because he ran out of bad songs to sing. Awesomity isn’t a band but we had a rough 2016, we applied for almost every single startup competition in order to raise some investment however failed at all of them. That’s the moment we decided to bootstrap and raise money from ourselves in order to get our first actual small office, buy some equipment and put ourselves out there.

Dec 2016

Glimmer of hope

By the end of the year, we had signed a couple of small clients, and we had started growing our team. In December, we heard about Seedstars competition and we decided to give it a try. This time, the Universe decided to side with us and won the first runner up place, this became a stepping stone for the years to come.

Jan 2017

Enter the year guns blazing

Seedstars encouraged us to push further, we spent the best part of 2017 working hard on our brand, signing client after client, we even went as far as working with clients outside Rwanda. First was DRC then Nigeria, then Guinea. We grew our team as well and got ourselves a nice office because we could now afford to do so.

Jan 2018

Work Work Work

2017 was a successful year but that meant we had a bigger challenge in 2018, we knew there was still room for improvement and there was still a long way to go. And that’s what we did, we tried hard not to slow down but rather kept working on exciting projects and pushing further. 2018 was the year we met with Volkswagen, they had a brand new mobility product they wanted to create, and after months of bidding, we won the contract to develop Move.

Aug 2018

Are you still reading?

LOL inserted this block to check if y’all still reading, if you are? Thank you dude! We appreciate that. Shoot us a tweet sometime. On a serious note though, in August 2018 we moved into a new cool office and had a big party to celebrate it.

Jan 2019

Biggest Rwandan made app and what not

Move was launched earlier that year and the adoption was phenomenal, so phenomenal in fact that we spent the next couple of months releasing patches to cope with the high usage and the ever-growing number of rides. By the end of the year, Move had completed more than 100k rides which made it by far the biggest made in Rwanda app.

May 2019

That wasn’t it for us in 2019

We won the Gov UX challenge which gave us an opportunity to work with the Rwandan government on redesigning all government-owned websites, including, all ministries, embassies and district offices.

Jan 2020

Starting 2020 in style

Knock knock?
Who’s there?
RDB Who?
RDB excellence award for young entrepreneur of the year *boom fireworks explode and the crowd goes nuts* We started 2020 with our biggest recognition to date, being awarded one of the 11 RDB excellence awards. An award we are very proud of, however it is a constant reminder that there are 10 more awards to snatch next year.

Mar 2020

Well well well, Nobody saw that coming.

2020 took an interesting turn when the pandemic started. Needless to say we had far better plans for the year than staying and working from home for months. But through these challenging times, we managed to keep the team spirit high and company growth progressed and somehow we got some people addicted to “Among us”.

Aug 2020

Every birthday to youuuuuu!

In August we celebrated 5 years y’all. It was one of those days we reflected back at the moments that led us to where we are, the highs and lows, the coincidences and miracles, the wins and incredible crashes. Over five candles, we reminded ourselves how we got to where we are and the journey we still have ahead.

PS: If you didn't get the “every birthday to you” reference, here you go, feast on this gem.


Still going

We are now a team of 20+ people sharing the awesome vision to provide technological solutions for Rwanda and Africa. Our team of developers and designers are dedicated to creating local solutions to local problems with the aim of becoming the leading Web and Mobile Apps provider in Rwanda.

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